SVHTCIA Mailing List Update

Good Afternoon.

Thank you for your patience as we collectively go through this mailing list cleansing for the first time in recent years.
This post assumes you are a current HTCIA member associated with Silicon Valley chapter.

I have received a handful of emails from those that believe they have accepted the mailing list invite, when in fact they have not completed accepting the invite.

I’ve gone through the complete steps to help visually capture what accepting the invite process looks like.  I hope this helps you to re-join our chapter mailing list:

  1. Search your inbox for the information below (also search SPAM/Junk folders).  Not sure which email address to check, see HTCIA Profile Instructions at bottom of this page.
  2. From: Yahoo! Groups Invitation <>
    To: <your email address on profile record>
    Subject: jj_htcia has invited you to join HTCIA-SILICONVLY
  3. Open the email and Click “Join this group!”
  4. 01-mailingList-accept_email
  5. You should now be looking at our Yahoo! Group main page.  Click “Join Group.”  [Caution: you are not done yet!]
  6. 02-mailingList-MustClickJoin

  7. You must now “Sign In” or “Create” a Yahoo! Profile.  Please note, this does not have to be a email address.  
  8. 03-mailingList-sign_in_orCreate

  9. After you have (created and) signed into your Yahoo! Profile, you are then prompted to configure your Mailing List preferences.  Please fill in the First and Last Name appropriately as that helps our chapter board identify who the email address belongs to.  After filling in your preferences, click “Send Request”.
  10. 04-mailingList-Setup_Preferences

  11. After clicking “Send Request,” you will then see confirmation that you have joined the group successfully.
  12. 05-mailingList-successfulJoin

  13. Now, you are complete and successfully a member of our mailing list.

If you are ever in doubt whether you are a member of the listserv, feel free to email the group a test email and include the following information:

1. Your Name

2. Your line of work

3. What were/are some of the top issues/troubles/roadblocks you encountered this past week?

4. Did you solve them?  Find a workaround?  Still not sure and welcome any feedback from our members?

5. Want to gather a few like minds over some snacks/drinks?  Tell us when and where!


HTCIA Profile Instructions

The Contact Info email field was used for the recent Invite.

  1. Log into with your HTCIA account information
  2. Click “My Profile”
  3. Click “edit” (it’s to the right of “My Account”)
  4. Scroll down to the Contact Info section’s “E-mail (required)” field

Gone through the steps above and still encountering errors/roadblocks?

Please email me at (at) gmail (dot) com to inquire.

As of 4/18, 7:20PM Pacific, all invites to existing chapter members have been sent out.
Thank you again for your patience and support throughout this process.